Like our best behaved canine kids, our feline kids can exhibit behavior problems just as frequently and with sharper claws and teeth, you might forget that your dog nipped you in the past, but you will never forget a cat bite!

Cats tend to have more bacteria in their mouths and on their teeth, especially i...

The Fido Studio by Omlet is a hip and stylish way to contain your precious pooch, and if you purchase the optional wardrobe, which can house toys, accessories, food, grooming tools, treats, clothing and more, this crate becomes a "can't live without" item in your household. Lilly was immediately curious and...

The holiday season is right around the corner! The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and everyone is getting into the festive spirit. Which makes Fall the perfect time to get together as a family! Be sure to set aside some time dedicated to your family and start making some memories. Your kiddos will b...

Ever wonder what the most common health problem is for dogs? It's periodontal disease. A staggering 75-80 percent of dogs two and a half years and older may start to develop trouble with their teeth. Tooth and gum problems can become painful and serious if left untreated and may possibly cause your dog to b...

I've been offering my clients pet savvy interior design for about ten years now. The most common complaint I receive, with regards to four-legged children, is that copious amounts of fur are shed on furniture, carpets, and comforters. This is perhaps akin to living with a teenager who has a severe aversion...

It's funny when I ponder the word "own" to describe my place in my dog's life. I can't imagine telling someone that I own a child - biological, adopted, or otherwise. And I feel that the word "own" - when it comes to describing the inclusion of a dog in my life - sounds so arrogant, because it implies that...

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