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The Fido Studio by Omlet - A Pawsome Piece of Pawperty

The Fido Studio by Omlet is a hip and stylish way to contain your precious pooch, and if you purchase the optional wardrobe, which can house toys, accessories, food, grooming tools, treats, clothing and more, this crate becomes a "can't live without" item in your household. Lilly was immediately curious and couldn’t wait to cross the threshold of her own piece of real estate. While the directions are really easy to follow, it does take two people to put the Fido Studio together... unless you have a super smart dog with opposing thumbs.

When it comes to crating your dog, you should never leave them confined for more than a couple hours at a time, making sure they've gone potty before you lock the door behind them. We’ve trained Lilly to stay at home by herself comfortably for a few hours with no separation anxiety but generally we try to take her with us everywhere we go because she adores people and other dogs and loves to ride in the car. Lilly is a fearless social butterfly and not your typical Chihuahua. This was surprising to us because she was found at five months old, dying under a dumpster, covered in burns and mange. She was a tiny skeleton at barely 2 pounds and had to undergo excruciatingly painful treatments for her burns and her mange. Like most dogs, Lilly loves to den in small spaces and always under a blanket. Since she doesn’t have much fur on her front side, she gets cold often. She loves her Fido studio because it’s so roomy, she’s able to have all of her favorite toys with her when she’s inside. And to make sure that she doesn’t feel she’s being punished when put inside, we hide little treats underneath her stuffed animals so she can enjoy a little treasure hunt while she’s sequestered.

Because Lilly has several friends that she plays with here at home, we decided to get the larger Fido Studio, so she could kick back in her “crib” and chill with her friends after a good long play-date. This allows us to run out for some short errands while she’s getting some much-needed rest in a safe, comfortable and secure environment.

Even though the company is headquartered in the UK, they have warehouses in NY and CA so my shipment arrived within about a week. I would say it’s an awesome gift for any dog lover that needs some stylish containment for their pooch! Visit for more information.

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